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By Melanie Rae Thon

Immigrants misplaced within the blistering expanse of the Sonoran wasteland, challenge bears, bats pollinating saguaros, an excellent Samaritan filling tanks at emergency water stations, and the terrified runaway boy who shoots him pierce the guts and brain of Rosana Derais. “Vanishings,” the 1st tale in Silence and Song, is a love letter, a prayer to those strangers whose lives penetrate and remodel Rosana’s personal sorrow.


In “Translations,” the prose poem connecting the 2 longer fictions, baby refugees at a multilingual literacy heart in Salt Lake urban detect the merciful “translation” of dance and pantomime.


The convergence of 2 disparate events—a random homicide in Seattle and the nuclear twist of fate at Chernobyl—catalyze the startling, eruptive kind of the concluding piece,“requiem: domestic: and the rain, after.” Narrated in first individual by way of the killer’s sister and plural first individual by way of the “liquidators” who come to the Evacuation sector to bury whole villages poisoned through radioactive fallout, “requiem” navigates the instant trauma of homicide and environmental catastrophe; own and worldwide devastation; and the outstanding restoration of the miraculously assorted more-than-human world. 

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