Take a boat ride as the sun prepares to set along the Kona Coast to the Manta Viewing Site.

manta ray

As the dusk darkens the sky, the Manta Rays come to feed on the plankton. Lights under the ocean illuminate the water. We put on wetsuits, our snorkeling gear and with your guide, slip into the ocean and float above majestic manta rays.

The Manta Rays will somersault, glide, and pivot in the light below. Manta rays are filter feeders and feed on plankton attracted to light. They have very large mouths, but no sharp teeth. Manta rays do not have tail stingers. This is a thrilling experience for those who seek adventure!

manta ray 2

Manta Guarantee: While we see mantas about 85% of the time, they are wild animals and their appearance is beyond our control.

COST: $140.00 + tax.

PREREQUISITES: Comfortable in the water and know how to snorkel.