Families are human pods. The dolphins are playful and healing and they invite you and your family to come for a week of play, laughter, story telling and fun. The dolphins enhance and energize the essence of love which is the core of family life. This is a customized week for your Family Reunion. This is a unique program for your core family along with cousins, aunts and uncles and of course bring the Grandparents too!

Dolphin Journeys will put together activities in the ocean and on land for a week that your family will remember always. We offer trips to several different locations around the world for you to discover the different species. If you’re in for adventure, have a look at our Pink Dolphin excursion through the Amazon river. During this tour you will be exposed to many other exciting activities in the jungle. However, if you prefer a something closer to home, we have multiple locations in the U.S.

Regardless of the location, we’ll guarantee you an unbelievable experience. Family Camp can also be adapted to wedding parties, small groups, educational organizations, alumni groups, and ‘Family of Choice’ gatherings.