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Keeping It Up
Dolphin Song Retreat



Features & Benefits



Capt. Nancy Sweatt

Nancy has been with the Dolphins receiving their healing and messages since 1994. Known for her laughter, Nancy will guide you to joy and inspire transformation with stories of affirmation, success and enriched dynamics of the heart. Nancy is dedicated to facilitating experiences for you with the dolphins and sharing their Joy and Love.




Four Dolphin Swims from the Boat

Everything included:

  • mask snorkel fins, lunch & drinks
  • Snorkeling Instruction
  • Pod leader/in-water support for every 6 people
  • Dolphin Education
  • Dolphin Spirit Connection Guidance
  • Dolphin Inspiration

Your heart will open so wide you will leap for Joy and feel more Joy!!!

Hapuna Beach and Pololu Valley Hike

Beach play on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Pololu Lookout: beautiful black sand beach and a stretch of dense tropical sea cliffs
Hike down to the Black Sand beach and into a sacred Valley (~480 ft to beach)
Feel the Richness of the Mana! (Hawaiian Spirit of the Breath of and Life of the land)
Once we hike out – travel along the magnificent Kohala Mountain to Waimea

Day of Choice

The group will choose one of the following activities:

  • A Contemplative Day
    Integrate, write in your journal receive, a massage. Have a day to go within.
  • Kilauea Volcano Tour
    Education on the Geology and Mythology of the Volcano
    Walk over recent lava to see flowing lava  (if Pele indulges us!)
    Hike in Volcano National Park to Kilauea Caldera
    Transformational Meditation in Lava Tube – “Manifestation & Creation”


  • Waterfall Tour
    Witness the dramatic Hamakua Coast, through ocean and lush mountain landscapes
    Walk to Akaka Falls, a 442 foot tall waterfall that plunges down into a deep gorge, and inhale the rich oxygen of a tropical rain forest.

Creative Expression Day

Affirm the success in your life– engage your heart
Let your subconscious express through painting and movement
Explore Your Dreams and Create Intentions
Create your BLISS LISTS and manifesting your heart’s desires
Be the Spiritual Host and Host Your Own experience before Life does it for you
Mahalo Cards (gratitude & affirmations)
I Ka Pono Mea feeds the Heart – Be an excellent member of Aloha

Additional Attributes

  • Scrumptious nutritious meals cooked with Love
  • Accommodations (double occupancy) on a private retreat  and grounds for privacy, meditative walks and more
  • Facilitator: Capt. Nancy who is heart-centered and ready to facilitate your discovery for a week of transformation
  • Feel the Joy that is with in your heart waiting to burst forth
  • Meditation, Reflection, Inspiration
  • Time to rest, relax and just ‘be still’
  • Fun, Laughter, Joyous moments

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