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A Note From Your Captain. Aloha! Dolphin Journeys is having a lovely winter of wonderful humpback whales, sweet dolphins, and amazing manta rays. This is my 12th year and I have been in Hawaii for 14 years. Wow – where has the time gone? So many fabulous journeys with amazing people like you. My passion for the dolphins, whales and mantas is my life blood. Blessings to them for all their service of showing up and being present for us to enjoy! Hallelujah!

Dolphin Journeys FaceBook Fan Page. Reviewing the new entries on the Dolphin Journeys “Fan” page on Facebook has become an almost daily program. I am enjoying it. I hope you’ll become a fan of Dolphin Journeys! We are posting pictures and videos…and asking YOU to share your pictures, videos, and special stories, too! If you have a great pic or vid from your trip, please feel free to become a fan & share it with others! Stay in touch, share, and let’s remember our special day together at Facebook.  A Hui Hou, Capt. Nancy!

Whale Season 2009 – Newborn Babies! Hooray! The whales are here. This is a time of great joy and excitement as we are graced by the presence of the majestic humpback whales that come here to make love and give birth to their calves. They will spend several months here in Kona, as the babies grow and gain strength to make the long trip back to Alaska.

This year the first sighting of a humpback came early. Humpbacks are commonly known to be in our waters from December through April, but this year the first one was spotted in early October. NOAA researches believe we will have between 10,000 and 12, 000 humpbacks visiting the Hawaiian Islands this year.

Adult Humpback Whales are about the size of a school bus. They range from 40 to 50 feet in length as adults and weigh approximately 80,000 pounds. Newborn Humpback Whales are about 12 feet long. Humpbacks are baleen whales, which mean they are filter feeders. They are very gentle creatures and it is amazing to watch them care for their young calves. Humpbacks are beautiful and graceful, and it is an honor to be in their presence. Some of our most memorable trips include dolphin swims with whale sightings.

Combo Trips. If you are visiting Kona between January and April it is a great time to book a “combo” trip. We spend about six hours on the water. We visit the dolphins in the morning and spend the afternoon with the whales. If you HGH

love whales and dolphins it is a trip that will create memories for a lifetime. Inquire about a Combo Trip today!In

Memory of Pluto. My big news is the loss of sweet Pluto. Oh my gosh – I can not believe he is gone. He made his transition in my arms in February. He died of poisoning from anti-freeze.  He will be greatly missed by so many, including all the dolphins. Tiffany is starting to adjust, but she is lonely and misses her brother & playmate. The boat is very quiet and the dolphins are looking for their buddy Pluto.  I will have a service for Pluto when his ashes return from the cremation service.  Aloha and Farewell to one special little guy!


New Crew Review! Dolphin Journeys is happy to welcome our new crew member, Randy Johnson, and intern, Bess Kraft, to our family. Jan Salerno, who has been loosely associated with Dolphin Journeys, is returning to Hawaii this month to work part time with us. Jan is a scuba instructor and artist. Jan is most joyously known as our parade float artist. Jan was a Mer-Deer on the Christmas Parade and made a huge splash as we made our way down Ali’i Drive. Jan “Mer-Deer” was the hit in the Christmas parade!

Mer Deer

Randy is a student of Chinese Medicine in Waimea. He is crewing weekends for Dolphin Journeys. He was a dive master in Malaysia and a Scuba Instructor in Honduras and then found his way to the Big Island to attend the Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii. We are glad to have him aboard. He is charming, hard working and very competent.


Captain Nancy on the Radio! In January 2009, Captain Nancy was a guest on the Everything in Energy radio show to talk about her knowledge, experience, and passion for dolphins. The hosts of the show, David and Kristin Morelli, experienced the dolphins, mantas and humpbacks while on two different journeys with us. Kristin and David immediately recognized not only the difference in the energies emitted by each of the creatures, but also the energy that is shared between Captain Nancy and these amazing animals. Having spent over fourteen years with these animals, Captain Nancy is like an “old trusted friend” and seems to draw these animals to her. Listen to Nancy’s Magical Guest Spot Online!

White Whale! A recent story emerged out of Australia of a white humpback whale being spotted in their waters. Discover more on Dolphin Journeys’ fan page discussion board.

Aloha and Happy Spring!

Captain Nancy



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